What The Papers Said. . .
. . .from the New Musical Express (UK) 28th June 1975


"How do you sleep when handcuffed
to a pipe?" — "With difficulty"

LEMMY BREEZED into the Thrills offices this week. "I've come to set the record straight", he announced. The Lone Biker was, of course, referring to his recent expulsion from within the psychedelic ranks of H. Wind, Hypnotists to the Gentry.

What happened, Lemmy? (And here I should point out that the press release that concerned his axeing was so bland as to be in serious danger of being mistaken for Paul McCartney's newest album). Anyway, what did happen?

"Sacked. I was sacked" mumbled Lemmy, his neckchain swastica vibrating with suppressed rage. "We were going from America to Canada and I had two grammes of Sulphate (Amphetamine Sulphate, otherwise known as Biker Speed, white crystals, deadly to Man and even Lemmy but not, by no means not, illegal in Canada).

"They thought it was cocaine". added Lemmy, going on to mention minor incidentals like being handcuffed to cell bars all night.

How did you sleep?

"With difficulty".

Anyway, 24 hours is jail — with Our Lem escaping a week's incarceration by the timely arrival of bail ("The band paid that. At least they paid that") — Lem was Out.

And Out.

"A bit later I called to Dave Brock's room. They were all sitting there. I was told I was being sacked. I said "Thanks very much" and left the room.

"I must tell you I was Upset. Tears Were Seen. Anyway, I pleaded. Not Guilty and the charges were dismissed". After all, it wasn't the Big C — only Biker Sulph, which, as mentioned ain't illegal in Ontario."

But Lemmy wasn't re-hired.

Had you seen it coming?


No idea why?

"They must have wanted me out. I was afterwards told that Nik Turner had said that if I rejoined he'd leave; dunno whether it's true or not.

"But afterwards Dave Brock phoned me up, invited me back. I liked that. I wanna put that on the record. It was the only nice thing that happened.

"In fact, they'd already flown Paul Rudolph" (ex-Fairies) "out to Canada to take my place — and they hadn't even told me!"

But enuff of 'Wind. What, dare I ask, is Lemmy going to do now?

"Well, I got me a New Band. Motorhead. Meet Lucas Fox, drums" (pause while we meet Lucas Fox, drums). "Then there's Larry Wallis, ex-Pink Fairies. I'm still looking for another guitar player. Someone foxy.

"It's gonna be a... uh... a great band."

Mais oui.

Tony Tyler
© NME — UK 28/6/75