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These tracks are purposed for entertainment only. We're providing MP3s in order to promote the music of Motorhead. If you like what you download then support the band and buy their official CDs. We will never post a full album here, so you better go and buy it, or order it through the Internet. Generally, we avoid posting any tracks from official releases, we prefer to put on our site some semi-official and obscure stuff or unofficial live recordings.

Live recordings

Song Title
Ace of Spades 3.70 Recorded live in California in 1992. One of the latest Philthy's gigs.
Bite the Bullet 1.36 Motorhead appearance at the Monsters of Rock, Castle Donnington, 16 aug 1986. Pete Gill on the drums. Cool.
Doctor Rock 3.02 Live recording from BBC sessions at Friday Rock Show 5.9.86.
Hellraiser 4.16 Recorded at Roskidle festival in 1993. Radio broadcast quality.
Overkill 7.53 Live in Braunschweig, 15 Aug 2004. Excellent sound quality.
The One to Sing
the Blues
5.13 From the Better Wear Armor! bootleg — live in Offenbach 10.12.92. There is a splendid Mikkey's solo before the song.
Whorehouse Blues 4.25 Live at Birmingham Academy, 24 Nov 2004. Phil and Mikkey play acoustic guitars.

Guest appearances

Song Title
Highway to Hell 2.74 AC/DC cover from the Argentinean band A.N.I.M.A.L. Featuring Lemmy on guest vocals.
Sanitarium 5.76 This cool track taken from 'Metallic Assault — a Tribute to Metallica'. Featuring Mikkey Dee on the drums.
The Trooper 4.67 From 'Numbers from the Beast — an All Star Salute to Iron Maiden'. Lemmy on vocals, Phil Campbell on guitar. Cool as.

Miscellaneous stuff

Song Title
Hell on Earth 3.57 Taken from 'Hellraiser III' soundtrack. This song has never been released on any official Motorhead album ever.
Waltz of the Vampire 3.29 Raw version of 'Dance' from Ace of Spades studio sessions.
You Better Swim new 5.96 Re-recorded version of 'You Better Run' with different lyrics. Appeared on The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie soundtrack.


Song Title
Ace of Spades 2.94 Avulsed Death metal band, cool cover with growling vocals.
Ace of Spades 4.65 Bathory Probably, the best cover version of this song ever.
Ace of Spades
3.74 Sodom An excellent cover from an excellent band. Taken from their live album 'One Night in Bangkok'.
Iron Fist (live) 2.65 Sodom Another cover from those oldschool thrashers.
Bomber 3.68 Holy Moses  Sabina Classen on vocals, Dan Lilker on bass. Nice cover from the 'No Matter What's the Cause' album.
I'm the Doctor 2.87 Holy Moses A great cover. German thrash rulez, guys.
Orgasmatron 4.45 Satyricon Definitely an excellent cover from a black metal band.
Overkill (live) new 5.24 Bulldozer Split-up Italian band influenced by Motorhead and Venom. They did other 'Head covers live as well.
Overkill (live) 3.81 Overkill An ass-pounding cover from the band leading by Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth.
Rock'n'roll new 4.67 Temple of Absurd An extremely interesting and catchy cover. Our beloved Sabina Classen on vocals.
We Are
the Road Crew
2.81 Destruction Cover from the old German thrashers, from their latest album 'Inventor of Evil'. Herr Schmier delivers.


Here, I placed a cool video showing Mikkey and Lemmy destroying a car. Click here to download.